Tips On Applying Exterior Paint For Your Home In South Auckland

Home’s exterior design or color can somehow represent who you are. It is not an easy decision to make especially now that lots of designs are coming out. It needs proper planning that is good to be talked about and decided by the entire family members. So take a little time, have a sit on it and make sure that your home exterior will be worth every glance!

Quality of Paint

Invest in premium quality of paint. It might be a little pricey compare to other brands but it’s going to be a wise choice. It can stay longer and will prevent you from repainting it all over again from time to time. It is better to spend a bigger amount all at once and have a quality output. Hire professional exterior house painters South Auckland to ensure that everything is well coated or covered. Every area should be free from stains and paint can stand any weather.

Online special programs

When dealing with your house painters South Auckland, they can process and show you everything through a computer program that can help you decide with the colors. This program can do the right color matching or coordination of your color choices. From there, you can see it first the possible final look before executing it to your home.

Preliminary preparation

Before painting your home, every surface must be perfectly clean and dry. You need to wash off every dust or particles stick on it. If there are plants in the areas, make sure to cover it and well-protected from getting paint. If there’s an old paint applied scrape it off, sand it and prime all areas needed to be painted. After that, begin painting the trim. According to experts, semi gloss paints are good to be used in trim.


The quality of brush is important to consider as well. The brush to be used will depend on the type of paint you will apply. There is a brush made of nylon commonly used for latex paints and natural bristle brush for oil based paints. Proper techniques in holding the brush, balancing your hand, where to place your finger tips and wrist while holding the brush are applied to have a smooth finished for all the surfaces that needs to be painted.


Apply paint during day time when temperature is between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, with low humidity. Avoid the painted areas to have direct sunlight exposure to prevent from developing heat blisters.

Paint color and finishing touch

Always check the light reflective value or LRV of every color to be used. It is the scientific measurement to see how light or dark the color can be when applied to your walls. Take note that any color can appear more vibrant when applied in actual setting. There is a variety of choices when it comes to paint finishing. There’s flat, eggshell, satin or semi gloss and high gloss. Flat paint can hide flaws really well. Eggshell can also hide bumps especially in the sides of edges. High gloss is washable but can show surface errors or imperfections as time passed by.