Tips On Applying Exterior Paint For Your Home In South Auckland

Home’s exterior design or color can somehow represent who you are. It is not an easy decision to make especially now that lots of designs are coming out. It needs proper planning that is good to be talked about and decided by the entire family members. So take a little time, have a sit on it and make sure that your home exterior will be worth every glance!

Quality of Paint

Invest in premium quality of paint. It might be a little pricey compare to other brands but it’s going to be a wise choice. It can stay longer and will prevent you from repainting it all over again from time to time. It is better to spend a bigger amount all at once and have a quality output. Hire professional exterior house painters South Auckland to ensure that everything is well coated or covered. Every area should be free from stains and paint can stand any weather.

Online special programs

When dealing with your house painters South Auckland, they can process and show you everything through a computer program that can help you decide with the colors. This program can do the right color matching or coordination of your color choices. From there, you can see it first the possible final look before executing it to your home.

Preliminary preparation

Before painting your home, every surface must be perfectly clean and dry. You need to wash off every dust or particles stick on it. If there are plants in the areas, make sure to cover it and well-protected from getting paint. If there’s an old paint applied scrape it off, sand it and prime all areas needed to be painted. After that, begin painting the trim. According to experts, semi gloss paints are good to be used in trim.


The quality of brush is important to consider as well. The brush to be used will depend on the type of paint you will apply. There is a brush made of nylon commonly used for latex paints and natural bristle brush for oil based paints. Proper techniques in holding the brush, balancing your hand, where to place your finger tips and wrist while holding the brush are applied to have a smooth finished for all the surfaces that needs to be painted.


Apply paint during day time when temperature is between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, with low humidity. Avoid the painted areas to have direct sunlight exposure to prevent from developing heat blisters.

Paint color and finishing touch

Always check the light reflective value or LRV of every color to be used. It is the scientific measurement to see how light or dark the color can be when applied to your walls. Take note that any color can appear more vibrant when applied in actual setting. There is a variety of choices when it comes to paint finishing. There’s flat, eggshell, satin or semi gloss and high gloss. Flat paint can hide flaws really well. Eggshell can also hide bumps especially in the sides of edges. High gloss is washable but can show surface errors or imperfections as time passed by.

Socializing plays a big part in our lives. Occasionally, we’d find ourselves playing host and inviting guests into our home. When we’re by ourselves, we don’t usually worry too much about the state of things and do a decent job when it comes to maintenance. However, when we have guests scheduled to come over for a gathering, we work hard and try to get the place in tip top shape before everyone arrives. This can be a hectic job if we didn’t practice proper maintenance habits to begin with. That’s why it’s important for us to take good care of our homes and make sure its properly maintained, regardless of whether guests are visiting or not. However, we would still need to take a few extra steps to ensure everything goes perfectly for the event. There are certain things you need to consider when you are gearing up for a social event at your house.

Make sure your living room is up to the standards

The most obvious thing to do would be to make sure your house is clean. Since you’re likely to use your living room for the first portion of the evening, it’s important that you take steps to ensure it is spotless. Make sure your carpets are washed if there’s any stains on them. Be careful as you may encounter carpet water damage Perth.

If it comes to that, do not worry as there are services for emergency carpet drying. These professionals will help you get your carpets ready in time for your event. You could also hire other professionals to help you with the cleaning of your interiors if you don’t have the time to get it done by yourself.

Clean your bathrooms

It is of the utmost importance that you maintain a clean bathroom. Not only does it practice good hygiene but also reduces health effects. Your guests wouldn’t mind finding a bit of dust on your shelves but a dirty bathroom will sure make them uncomfortable. So take the time out to properly clean your washrooms before your guests come over.

Sweep and Vacuum

You need to make sure that all your floors are clean. The best way to do that would be to vacuum or sweep, depending on the type of floor space you have in each of your rooms. Make sure that the general areas where the guests are likely to interact are spotless.

Set up a Music System

Music always helps to liven the mood. Set up the audio system in your house and keep a fun playlist ready so as soon as the guests enter your house, their spirits are immediately lifted and they get into the vibe.

If you want to do a better job you should start focusing on the small things as well as the big things. The small mistakes you make when carrying out a project can reduce the value of your work. In order to pay attention to detail you must pay more attention to what you are doing and cut out all the distractions.

You will stand out from your competitors

When you do the small things right the overall quality of your work will improve and this will allow you to get ahead of the competition. When companies use equipment such as a engraving it will allow them to do more complex work. Different techniques can be used with this piece of equipment allowing people to do a more detailed design. This is good as your business will begin to build a better reputation and become more popular.

Be passionate

When doing things such as etching on good stainless steel labels & tags you must be passionate about your work in order for you to care enough to pay attention to detail. When you love what you do you will take the necessary time and effort that you need to in order to do the small things right. You will want to do your best and after you finish your task you will want to be proud of what you have done. If you don’t really care about what you do you may not care about the outcome of your work.

You can lose credibility

When people are able to spot mistakes they will view your work as sloppy. Even though small mistakes are normally ignored and not harped upon they are still remembered and you may not get repeat customers if you fail to pay attention to detail. Even though you may be focusing on the bigger things on a project from the outside looking in the little things seem like the easiest to do and when you don’t do them right people tend to judge you for it more than if you made a big mistake.

Do not work when you are tired

When you are tired you do not have the energy to focus on your job properly. Make sure that you take a break and reenergize before continuing your work. You are more likely to make mistakes and you will also not be able to spot the small things you have to do as your task will not have your full attention. A little rest will allow you to do a better job.